FilmCamp, Norway - Utsatt - Jobber med å finne dato for 2018

Workshop description
Work in dance and movement in film can be an ever-changing and diverse experience. This is what makes it both exciting and extremely challenging. The top professionals in the industry are expected to have a vast range of skills and must always be ready to adapt and change to best serve their director and the film.
In this 4-day exploration of the discipline, we’ll look at the details of the complete process of working in movement/dance on a film production. From initial meetings with producers and directors, to casting, rehearsals, and ultimately filming.
With discussions, Q and A’s, and practical ‘on your feet’ work, we’ll explore different scenarios that can present themselves on a variety of job assignments.
As a special treat, we will also look at choreographing flying actors and wire stunts. Performers strapped in Hong Kong-style flying harnesses will take to the air lead by the Arctic Action stunt team.
Learn how a choreographer can work with this special discipline, you will even get to try it out yourself!
The workshop language is english.

Francesca Jaynes (UK) has been working as choregrapher and movement director for film and TV for more than 25 years. Her work is incredibly diverse, and she has worked with top directors like Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg and Alfonso Cuaron to mention a few. In addition to a wide-ranging CV in film, she works regularly in the theatre in musicals, opera, and plays, and also in television drama.
Please check out Ms Jaynes impressive CV on her webpage:

Arctic Action
In addition to all-round utility stunt performers, their core team counts specialists such as riggers, stunt drivers, rescue divers and 2nd unit directors. They stress training, formal certifications and team work, combining a mandatory stunt curriculum with individual specialisations. The experience base covers everything from huge, international feature films to modest student productions.

Participants - you
The workshop is designed specially for choreographers, dancers, actors, stunt performers and directors. Cinematographers and art directors would also benefit of this in their direct work with choreographers and movement directors Anyone interested in learning more the area of choreography and movement direction are welcome to attend.
We have the master of the field in place!

venue & price
You will be lodged at FilmCamp, Troms County Northern Norway. The workshop will be held at FilmCamp Studio on site. Please check this great venue at the website:
The workshop fee is NOK 5000,- incl tax. This also includes lodging for 3 nights in single rooms and 3 meals per day.

We are happy to receive registrations per email to
Payment by card on site.
The registration is binding, and the entire fee will be invoiced in case of cancellation after this date and time, or if no show.
Be sure to send your name, and your billingdetails, and even let us know if you have special requirements that we should be aware of, allergies etc.

The closest airport is Bardufoss BDU, served by Norwegian Airline.
Please contact for more info on the venue, other routes, what to bring etc. Please note that the travelcosts are entirely your own.